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Wedding Day Blues by babaca

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Chapter notes:

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach (oh my, really?). It belongs to Kubo Tite, TV Tokyo, Bandai, and everyone else who makes real money on it. This is written for entertainment purposes.


Wedding Day Blues

By babaca

Ichigo had to admit he never thought he would see this day happen so soon. Maybe he knew this day would come just not with this particular sister.  He walked to the room that his baby sister awaited.

"Ichi-ni, it will go well today right?" Karin asked in a soft voice.

"Huh?" Ichigo asked Karin.

"You promised no surprises. No hollows or Arrancars or anything supernatural to disrupt my day. You will let the soul reapers handle that stuff right? Not you or anyone else who may be in my wedding party?!"

Ichigo sighed. He still wasn't happy that Karin knew what he was. It had been ten years since he got tangled in the web of the Soul Society. He tried to keep his family out of this; however, Karin could see hollows like him. At least she had the good sense to run in most cases. He was thankful her twin Yuzu never could see them; she could sense things but not see them.

"Renji and the others will keep an eye out for any unusual activity. You will get a peaceful wedding," he replied.

Karin snorted, "If I wanted a 'peaceful' wedding I wouldn't be marrying the person I am."

Ichigo smiled. "Well that's true."

"I CAN'T BELIEVE MY LITTLE GIRL IS WALKING DOWN THE AISLE! Masaki, our little girl has grown to be a beautiful woman!"

Ichigo and Karin both held their heads in their hands and groaned.

"Dad what do you want?" Karin huffed.

"I just want to spend precious moments with my daring kawaii daughter. Is that so wrong?" Isshin cried dramatically.

"Yes! Dad, I'm 23 years old. You will continue to see me almost every day since I work at the hospital with you. And frankly since birth you have always been … well… creepy! Go bug Yuzu!"

"She's not getting married today. You are, my precious," Isshin moaned while trying to crush his daughter tightly to his chest.

Isshin glared at Ichigo. "It's your fault my pumpkin is acting distant to me. Go somewhere and let my girl and I have a moment!"

Ichigo shook his head. He knew Karin would kick his ass at the reception for leaving her alone with their father, but he had his fill of his dad at the moment.

"Ch' whatever," Ichigo growled, as he left the room.

'See if he gets any food or drink at the reception,' Karin thought as she glared at the closed door. Her father had freed her from the smothering hug.

"Karin," Isshin called out.

Karin blinked; then looked over to her father. He seemed to have dropped his clown routine and looked serious. "Yes?"

"Do you love him?" her father asked. "I need to know. If you don't, your brother and I can have you out of his clutches faster than the blink of an eye."

Karin smiled. "Yes, Dad I do love him."

"You look beautiful in your Mother's wedding gown. She really would have been happy and very proud of you," Isshin said quietly, the beginning of real tears forming in his eyes.

Karin walked to her father and held him in an embrace. "Thank you. I miss her sometimes."

"As do I," Isshin replied, tightening his embrace.

"You still have Yuzu to look after you," Karin responded, trying to lighten the mood.

"True. She will make someone a great wife."

"Yes, she will. Now go see about the guests. It's not quite time for the ceremony to begin yet," Karin said with a laugh.

"Okay. Daddy loves you and remember if you need to ditch this, just give me the word," Isshin bellowed, slipping back into his sillier mode.

After he left, Karin found herself pacing the room. There was a knock and she hoped it would be the one person she really needed to see.

Yuzu opened the door and peeped in. "Are you almost ready Karin?"

Karin smiled at her sister. "Iguess. I really wasn't expecting this to be such a big deal."

Yuzu laughed. "It's a wedding silly. Of course it's a big deal. If you didn't want all this you should have eloped."

"You know Dad would have never let us live that down. I am glad there were only a few folks nervy enough to say, 'I would have thought Yuzu would walk down the aisle first.'"

"Nee-san, this wasn't a competition."

"Don't I know!" Karin laughed. "But I'll also be the first to admit I never saw myself getting married either. It's not the type of validation that I need, but…"

"You couldn't resist," Yuzu said with a smile.

Karin nodded in agreement.  Their courtship may have counted as one of the oddest in Karakura's history. One she would never regret no matter how crazy the ride was.

"Yuzu, you think you could do me a favor?"

Yuzu wasn't Karin's twin for nothing. She knew what her sister wanted. "Absolutely."

She wished she could stop pacing. This kind of stuff wasn't her thing at all. The soft knock on her door, calmed her. She went to the door and opened it to see if Yuzu made good on the favor.

"Hello Ichigo's-little-sister."

"Please promise me that when the priest asked if you take my hand in marriage you won't call me that?" Karin asked with a joyous laugh as she hugged her intended. Strong arms held her snuggly, bringing peace and calming both of their nerves.

"I will try to remember. Do you promise not to call me 'big guy'?"

"I'll do my best. This waiting around is killing me here. How are you holding up?" she asked.

"If we end up waiting any longer I'm sure Ishida will start designing new clothes for me."

Karin winced. "I think Yuzu was right. We should have just eloped."

"I didn't want to deprive the Kurosaki family the honor of seeing you like this. Or myself either."

"Damn Big Guy, you can be a sweet talker when you want to be," Karin smiled. "So no regrets?"

Sado pulled her slight body up to kiss her.  He had wanted to do that all day while others kept telling him it was bad luck to see his bride. "Not a one. You?"

"Except for the splendor crap… no regrets either."

"So shall we go through with this?" he asked.

Karin nodded.  He put her down. It was almost time for the ceremony to start and he knew someone would come to force him out of the dressing room.

"Sado," Karin whispered.

He turned to her, one hand on the doorknob.

"I love you Big Guy."

He smiled. It was the smile that melted her heart nearly ten years ago. "And I love you, Ichigo's-little-sister. Let's get married."



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