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Déjà-vu by babaca

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Story notes:

Déjà-vu is French phrase meaning Having already seen. That feeling that you've done something before hits Tieria as he visits Lockon. Spoilers: Lockon's real name and if you haven't seen 2nd season you might wonder about about Lockon.

Chapter notes:

If you haven't seen the end of Gundam 00 season 1, although I know Sci-Fi has just aired Lockon's first season's fate; Season 2 Lockon is diffent. This story is not following any specific part of the current Season 2 story line. This is just a character exercise of my own brain. Thus I don't own Gundam (I bet you didn't know that). It belongs to Sunrise, Bandai, and Sotsu.

Gundam 00: Déjà-vu

by babaca

Tieria Erde couldn't stop himself from glaring at the injured man lying in a hyperbolic chamber to facilitate healing. Tieria was angry at himself. 'How can I be an innovator if I have to constantly be rescued by Lockon Stratus. ANY Lockon Stratus.'

He lessened his glare to quietly observe his savior. The face was so similar to the previous Dilandy brother. The injuries were nearly identical; Lockon's dominant eye was injured. Tieria only hoped that this time this person would stay and heal rather than rush out like an idiot only to have him rush off to his own death.

"Stop that," a faint voice said from the enclosed chamber.

Tieria was startled, before shooting his sharp gaze over to the injured man. "Stop what?"

"You are thinking too much as usual," Lockon sighed. "This wasn't your fault."

"Of course it was my fault, I was being too rigid. I should have listened to Sumeragi and pulled back. I failed everyone with my stubborness," Tieria grumbled.

"It was my choice to stay back and help you out. Because I did this of my own volition it is not your fault, so quit with the self-flogging."

Tieria's expression changed from anger to something Lockon couldn't decipher, but he decided to take a guess. "Did my brother tell you something similar?"

"I know you don't want to talk about him," Tieria said as way of an answer.

"I have no choice but to talk about him. His ghost lingers closely to this place. Every time anyone looks at me or hears my voice for a moment I see people's faces as they forget for a moment that I'm not Neil. Once the reality hits their expressions alter. They do try to hide the disappointment or the sadness, I'll give them credit for that, but it still hurts," Lockon said with a sigh.

"I think I understand a little," Tieria said. "I've meet an innovator that could be my identical twin, although she is female.  It was weird meeting her and finding out what I was. I don't know if I would be able to handle being confused for another. However, I don't confuse you with your brother."

"Liar," Lockon remarked with little heat.

"No, it's true. You two are different. You may react similarly; however, you don't behave exactly the same. For instance I know you are hiding something from us," Tieria said.

Lockon smiled. "Maybe I am, but it's nothing to do with Celestial Being."

Tieria laughed, "Liar. I don't need Veda for me to know you are keeping something from us."

"It doesn't conflict with my work here," Lockon reassured.

"I suspect I could guess, but what's the fun in that right?" Tieria remarked. "Just tell me that you will stay in this chamber and heal."

"Maybe," Lockon replied.

"That is not an acceptable answer," Tieria gritted out.

"If I'm needed, I will go."

"Who do you think you are? Setsuna? You are a sharpshooter with an injured dominant eye! You would be useless!"

"Was my brother useless?" Lockon asked quietly.

"In the end, yes. He did his best with Haro but in the end it was too much for him. Do you really want to follow him?" Tieria yelled.

"Tieria, I am NOT suicidal! I know my limits as I'm sure big brother knew his. Don't presume to predict my future. I am not Neil."

"Then stop acting like him!" Tieria yelled, ignoring the unshed tears forming in his eyes. "Why am I so upset? I shouldn't give a crap about you at all!"

Lockon smiled, "It's because you're only human."

Tieria shook his head, "No, I'm no--"

"Yes you are, the sooner you accept that the easier it will be for you. You've turned your back on the Innovators, you have free will, you ARE human," Lockon replied, mentally cursing being encased. Touching Tieria might emphasize the truth he was telling him.

"Think what you like," Tieria grumbled, wiping away a stray tear. "I know exactly what I am," he said softly.

"I'll be a good patient for you until I get stronger. Will that make you happy?" Lockon asked.

"Simply ecstatic!" Tieria replied sarcastically.

Lockon laughed. "That's good enough for me."

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