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Time On One's Hands (or Paws) by babaca

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Chapter notes:
Title: Time On One's Hands (or Paws)
Author: babaca
Pairing/Characters: Pakkun, Iruka
Rating: PG
Category: Ummm... humor?
Challenge: #14 Time
Warnings: Not so much spoiler but action is from post episode 147 in the anime which is the end of the filler arc.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto, Viz, Cartoon Network, TV Tokyo and a host of others (not me).
Author Notes: I just thought it was adorable how concerned Pakkun was about Iruka...
Word count: 734

Time On One's Hands (or Paws)
by babaca

Iruka was leaving the hospital after being checked for injuries received during his encounter with Mizuki. Naruto who was more injured than Iruka was showing signs of healing already and for that he was grateful. As he walked outside of the building, he was surprised to see he had company waiting for him.

"Pakkun? What are you still doing here?" Iruka asked.

The brown pug looked at his feet before looking up. "How are you injuries?"

Iruka smiled. "I'm fine. It was all minor cuts. I'm sure I'll be covered in bruises fairly soon though. Thank you for asking."

"Where are you headed now?" the dog asked.

"I'm going to go home so I could write up my report. Shouldn't you be with Kakashi sensei now? Your mission of helping me find Mizuki is over with. I would have figured you would have poofed off to wherever Kakashi sensei is now."

"That brat?" Pakkun scoffed. "I've got time. I'm not under his beck and call you know."

Iruka didn't feel up to explaining the finer points of Kuchiyose no Jutsu and how the contract between summoner and the summoned was suppose to work. "Okay," he remarked. "I was going to pick up some ramen on the way, would you like to join me?"

Pakkun stretched his mouth into something that could be considered a doggie type grin. "Sure."

Together they stopped by Ichiraku for a few bowls of ramen to go. From there they went to Iruka's small apartment.

Pakkun looked around at the small, but homey atmosphere of the apartment with an appraising eye. "You have stuff."

Iruka glanced down at the dog, not understanding.

"The whelp's apartment barely has a futon in it, but this place," he said looking around at furniture before hopping up on the sofa.

"Well much of the furniture belonged to my parents. I didn't have the heart to get rid of it. Would you like your ramen now?"

"Might as well," the dog said jumping down from the couch and heading for the kitchen. "But I don't want to eat on the floor."

Iruka puzzled over that before opening the container and putting it in a larger bowl. He set the bowl on the table, then picked up Pakkun and placed him on the table as well. The dog nodded in appreciation and began to eat. Iruka grabbed a spoon and ate his ramen out of the container.

They ate in relative silence.

"I don't understand," Pakkun said, breaking the silence.

Iruka looked confused. "You don't understand what?"

"Why are you alone?" the pug asked, moving closer to the ninja. "You're a nice person, a capable ninja, well-liked and yet you have no girlfriend or companion?"

Iruka looked surprised. "Well, I've never really thought about it."

"We were sure you and that Tsubaki woman..."

"We?" Iruka interrupted.

"Me and Naruto," Pakkun replied.

"So I was fighting for my life and the lives of you and Naruto and you were gossiping?" Iruka said incredulously.

Pakkun looked away in a way that could be interpreted as a 'doggie blush'. "Umm... well ... we were ... waiting for an opening?"

Iruka stopped what would have been a mini-lecture to laugh.

Pakkun was relieved to see the man laughing. "So why don't you have someone? There are plenty women and probably more than a few men that would enjoy your company."

Iruka continued to laugh at his furry matchmaker. "Why are you so determined to hook me up with someone?" he asked when he finally could catch his breath.

"I like you," Pakkun said.

"Well I like you too," Iruka responded. "I appreciate you being worried about me, but I'm just fine."

Pakkun nodded. "Next time I get summoned, may I come visit you?"

Iruka smiled. "Yes, but after you finish whatever task, Kakashi sensei gives you."

Pakkun snorted. "Well that's a given, isn't it?" The pug sighed. "Ah, the brat is back in town and wanting me to report in. I have to go."

"I understand," Iruka said, watching the dog hop from the table. "It was nice working with you Pakkun. I hope we can do it again sometime."

The dog grinned. "Yes, I think it would be nice. Goodbye Iruka."

"Goodbye," he said as he watched the small dog poof away from sight. He sighed and said to himself, "Well I guess it's time to work on my report now."

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