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Summary: Gojyo reflects on an afternoon spent with Hakkai and Goku
Rating: T
Category: Gensomaden Saiyuki
Characters: Sha Gojyo, Cho Hakkai, Son Goku
Genres: Yaoi-Shounen ai, Humor
Warnings: Sap/WAFFy
Series: None
Chapter: 4 Completed: Yes
Words: 6691 Read: 28822
Published: 12/13/2003 Updated: 04/18/2004

1. Part One: Musings by babaca [ - ] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1050 words)

2. Part Two: Acceptance by babaca [ - ] starstarstarstar (1435 words)

3. Part Three: Missteps by babaca [ - ] starstarstarstarstar (2000 words)
Date: 27 March 2004
Warnings: Sap, minor lime, humor
Pairings: Gojyo + Hakkai
Summary: All is not quite well in familyville. ^___^
4. Part Four: At Last by babaca [ - ] starstarstarstarhalf-star (2206 words)
Date: 18 April 2004
Warnings: yaoi lemon, humor
Note: Well I hope some of you are happy with this next part. I've teased and flirted with the boys enough that it was time. So yes, there is lemon in this. I think I might end this arc here as well...

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