Into the Closet by Chichiri no da
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Sai read something in a book once ...

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Gift fic for babaca. The request was for a Naruto story about Sai.

1. Into the Closet by Chichiri no da

Into the Closet by Chichiri no da
Author's Notes:

Sai just had to see what was so exciting about ...

Title: Into the Closet
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Sai/Naruto
Warnings: Nothing but silliness
Summary & Notes: Sai read something in a book once...

This wasn't going at all the way that Sai had originally envisioned.

When he'd first picked up the book that Kakashi always kept on his side table, he'd been surprised at the subject matter of the few paragraphs that he'd managed to read before the Jounin woke up to find him in his hospital room, reading his book, and summarily ejected him.

But those few tantalizing sentences had nagged at Sai's memory, and prompted more reading, and that led to some other things, and finally Sai felt ready to put what he'd learned into practice.

So that evening when they had all been sitting in a wooden house of Yamato's construction, and Sakura had asked what they would do until bedtime, Sai had put his plan into effect.

The others had seemed oddly surprised by his suggestion, but soon the foursome had been sitting in a circle with the bottle in the middle. It didn't quite go as planned, however. Sai lost the first spin, and with a gleeful look in her eyes, Sakura had announced that Sai should take Naruto into a closet and shut the door, then stay there for a minimum of twenty minutes.

In obedience to the rules of the game, Sai dragged Naruto - kicking and screaming - into the closet. Naruto attempted escape, only to find that Yamato-san had caused the door to stick fast. Then the two ninja outside the closet went very...silent.

Of course, Naruto was making more than enough noise for three people.


It was dark, which made it hard for Sai to avoid Naruto's flailing limbs. He actually caught an elbow to the midsection with enough force to make him grunt, and he grabbed Naruto's wrists in response, pinning him back against the wall of the closet.

"HEY HEY WHAT...are you...doing...?" Naruto exclaimed, his voice going hushed as Sai leaned closer.

"I don't understand," Sai informed him honestly. "We're just playing a game. Is it so bad?"

He could hear Naruto swallowing. "S-sure it's bad. That's why it's a dare."

Naruto squirmed to try to break the hold and Sai pressed closer, hearing Naruto's breathing speed up. "I will not hurt you," he assured the younger boy.

"I know that!" Naruto exclaimed. He squirmed once more and Sai moulded his body against Naruto's, ensuring he could barely move.

"Then why are you acting this way?" Sai asked softly.

He could feel Naruto's rapid breaths against his face. "N-not acting any way," he mumbled. "Why'd you have to grab me, huh?"

"Because you hit me," Sai said reasonably.

"Well...well you can stop now," Naruto said. "I-I won't hit you anymore."

This behaviour seemed suspicious. Naruto was acting very strangely, and Sai recalled the rest of what he'd read in Kakashi's book. The last part had seemed rather silly at the time, but perhaps it would make more sense in context. And perhaps that was why Naruto was acting odd - in fact, he was acting quite similarly to one of the characters in Kakashi's book.

Suddenly it was all making sense.

Sai cocked his head and smiled. "Are you sure you want me to stop, Naruto?"


That wasn't the exact response he was looking for, but it was close enough to work with. Sai leaned against Naruto, sliding a knee between the younger boy's legs. Naruto's hands clenched into fists.

"You see," he said, his voice cheerful and even. "I think you called me in here because you wanted something, and now you're being coy. But I want you, Naruto. I want you so bad."

Naruto made a soft choking sound.

Sai waited for a few moments, but nothing more seemed forthcoming. Well, perhaps Naruto was so excited that he'd forgotten his lines. That was all right.

"Oh yeah, baby," he said in a quiet monotone. "Naruto, I've wanted you since I met you. I've burned for you."

He heard another choking noise and realized that it was someone outside. Sakura, perhaps.


That was good enough for Sai. Time for the next phase.

"I need you," he whispered, then pressed his lips gently against Naruto's.

There was a long silence as Naruto stood utterly frozen and Sai attempted to figure out what was supposed to be erotic about pushing his lips against another person's.

Finally he straightened up again and released his hold on Naruto, pondering the rather dull experience.

"W-what was that all about?!" Naruto exploded.

"Hmm... did I do it wrong?" Sai murmured thoughtfully.

"YES YOU DID IT WRONG IT WAS ALL STIFF!" Naruto shouted, grabbing Sai by the collar.

"All stiff..." Sai echoed. Why was Sakura making those odd shrieking sounds? "Should I try it a bit differently, then?"

Suddenly light flooded the closet and Sai glanced up to see Yamato looking rather...bemused. "Time's up, boys," he said wryly.

Naruto jumped away and Sai straightened his shirt. "Oh good," he said. "Time to continue the game." He moved back towards the bottle with anticipation. There had been that other book he'd found in the back of the library, shoved away in a corner as if people had been trying to hide it...and there had been some very interesting pictures in that one...

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