Happily Ever by babaca
Past Featured StorySummary: Heero feeling reflective about his life.

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Warnings: Angst
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Story Notes:
I found this scribbled down on paper, it's more of a drabble than anything. It intrigued me enough (even though I don't know when I originally started writing this).

1. Happily Ever by babaca

Happily Ever by babaca
Author's Notes:
It could ALMOST be the end of the original series (but not). It's short.
Happily Ever    
by babaca

Listening to Relena Peacecraft giving a speech she had done many times before, Heero found himself reflecting. He had pondered this thought before; stepping back. Stepping away from the danger, intrigue, politics and all that Relena Peacecraft represented. He had never let his guard down. Ever. He was the last to contemplate change.

The first to step away was Quatre Winner. It was hardly a surprising event since he had a life before becoming a Gundam pilot. He has family and a family business to take over. He still kept in touch with the former pilots, because he thought of the pilots as a family of sorts. It was something Heero couldn't fathom, but he accepted it the way he would accept an assignment.

Duo left quickly after. He had tired of the intrigue and gotten bored. Peaceful times meant there was nothing left to blow up. He had settled down with Hilde. He had drifted; the family he kept up with were the sweepers, and only the pilots if he happened to think about them.

Trowa was the next to leave, deciding he wanted to like the like of the mundane. Well as mundane as working in a circus could be. He had worked there several years before he dropped from everyone's radar. Even Quatre isn't sure where Trowa had gone. Une had been concerned that he might turn up as a Preventer problem, but nothing ever happened. He managed to completely vanish.

Wufei opted to leave the Preventers in pursuit of education. Education was a thing that Wufei had wanted to pursue even before the wars. One day he had decided that he had 'served enough time' and deserved to do what he wanted to do for a change. Une was surprised but she acquiesced.

All these years, Heero stuck to what he knew best. He stuck to all he knew. He had no obligations or pursuits that ruled him other than keeping the peace and Peacecraft safe. Relena had finally given up trying to engage Heero in a romantic entanglement. He had allowed her to try, it was more an experiment on Heero's part rather than any deep desire. However she did her best to seduce him and he allowed it. The affair ended almost as quickly as it started. Along the way she discovered that love and sex had little meaning to Heero. They stayed friends, at least in Relena's mind. In Heero's mind, nothing had changed one way or the other.

Relena was at the end of her speech. Heero scanned the crowds for any threats. There would be none. There hadn't been a threat to Relena for nearly five years now. He wondered if he would have the courage to just walk away and stay away. He hoped some day that he would be able to. But today wasn't that day.

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