Forty Eight Hours by babaca
Summary: Duo and Trowa go out on a date after Trowa confesses he feelings for Duo. Sequel to: Extremes.
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1. n/a by babaca

n/a by babaca
Forty Eight Hours
by babaca

Sequel to: Extremes.

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing and its characters belongs to Bandai, Sunrise and Sotsu Agency and are only being used for non profit entertainment purposes.

It's been 48 hours. Forty eight hours since Trowa told me that he cared for me as more than a comrade. I would have bet the farm and any other possession I didn't own that he was in love with Quatre. Just goes to show you that appearances can be deceiving, I guess. You know what's even funnier? Quatre is in love with Heero! That is one concept I still haven't managed to quite get my brain wrapped around.

Heero took the news rather calmly. Then again very little (if anything) really throws Heero. You could tell him that his Gundam was about to give birth to Khushrenada's child and all he would probably say is 'hn.'

I took the news with a little more amazed shock and Trowa being a good Gundam pilot like all of us misinterpreted my non-response. He was injured at the time, so on one level I just assumed he was suffering from blood loss. He's a brooder, did you know that? I guess it's a mandatory requirement for all us pilots because I've noticed that we all brood. Even Mr. Nonchalant over there talking quietly with his new squeeze.

In the past forty eight hours I've only gotten to talk to Trowa once. To tell him we'll talk when I got back. Okay not true I slept with him. Don't go looking at me like that ... we only SLEPT. Although the precursor to slept was we did make out a little. It was very nice and if he wasn't injured who knows what fun times could have occurred.

Quatre and I are back from our assignment of blowing up bases. During that mission I know that Quatre was dying to ask questions about Trowa and me. He never did of course. I'm pretty sure Trowa issued some sort of 'gag' order to Quatre. Normally, Quatre's not shy about asking anything any more than I am. It's why we make great friends. And we're both just nosy by nature. So I asked him plenty of questions of how things where progressing with Heero. His answer was slow, but very nicely. I didn't ask who was doing the "slow" bit, but I have my guesses on that one.

Trowa looked less gray around the gills. I'm glad. When he walked in the room with Wufei after our arrival he graced me with a small smile. Damn, I'm going to have to make him smile more. He's breathtaking when he does that and all he was giving me at the moment was one of those Mona Lisa smiles.

Wufei told us he had to do some fact finding of a potential hidden base in Antwerp. He wanted to do it alone. He still has trouble with the concept of having a backup and although Quatre, and I have argued with him until we were both practically blue in the face, he still went off alone.

Heero and Quatre have wandered off somewhere leaving me alone with Trowa. That gave me more time to really assess his injuries and just to plain old check him out. This is new to me. I've never had a 'relationship'.

"How are you doing really?" I asked him.

How did I know I would get the shrug? "I'm still a little stiff. I stopped taking the painkillers. I should be ready for battle..."

"As soon as we get Heavyarms operational," I supplied for him. Thank goodness for small wonders. If his Gundam was at 100 percent he would have been doing a Heero ... fighting in spite of the pain. Hell, he would have been fighting hours after receiving burns from his suit instead of days. Don't get me wrong, I'm dedicated to the task at hand, but damn!

"I tried to work on my suit but Heero wouldn't let me," Trowa said.

That was surprising, considering the source. He must have sensed my surprise and laughed.

"He considered it payback from when he had self-destructed. I wouldn't let him near my suit for a long time until he finally convinced me he was well enough," Trowa said with a slightly bigger smile than before. Neither Heero or Trowa liked to discuss that period of time during the war. So voluntary information from either of the stoic pilots was always welcomed.

"He probably had the tremors, not being able to pilot a suit," I supplied.

"You could say that," Trowa said, still maintaining a smile of memory.

I had a sudden urge to touch him. He was never this open in the past, at least not with me. I suspect only Quatre and maybe Heero has seen this Trowa. I really like what I saw. So I walked up to him and took his hand. His eyes flickered some unknown emotion that I'm just going to have to learn if we really are going to be as close as we hope to be. It will be fun to discover I'm sure. I only hoped we both survive this war so we really can find that out.

"Are you having tremors, not being able to pilot your suit?" I teased. Hey, I'm me and teasing is just what I like doing.

"Possibly," he smiled while inching a little closer to me. "Of course, it could be from something else entirely."

Oh my God. He was flirting with me and I'm loving every moment. Rather than come up with a witty rejoinder, I opted to kiss the bejesus out of him instead. I kind of hate the fact I have to be on my tiptoes a little to meet his lips, but he hunched down enough that I wasn't on tiptoe for long.

His lips are amazing things. They are soft, yet firm. He had no problem with me dictating the kiss. It's only fair I think since I'm the one who initiated it in the first place. His mouth is sweet and tart like the orange juice he had that morning. I'm trying to keep this kiss light but his soft moans are wrecking havoc with my hormones. I remind myself that he's injured and pull away very reluctantly.

I'm more sure of the look that I saw in his eyes this time around. They were hazy with passion and a hint of disappointment that we've stopped. Good, always leave them wanting more. I have no idea where I've heard that expression. Then I had a brainstorm.

"Trowa, what do you say I take you out on a date?" I asked.

"A ... date?" he answered looking puzzled.

"Yeah, a date. You know two people going out somewhere and having fun doing things and getting to know each other. I hear folks our age do it all the time."

"True, I guess people our age do that. However, we're not like those people. We're soldiers," Trowa answered slowly.

"Soldiers go out on dates too. Come on, it will be fun. It will get you out of the house for a while and we can just relax and not think about war for a few hours. What do you say?" I said, pleading my case. It would be nice to not have to think about the war just for a little bit.

"Okay," he answered. "When?"

Hmm, I hadn't thought that far in advance. "Now?"

"No, you've just got back. Rest up and we'll do it later this afternoon," Trowa reasoned. Well so much for spontaneity. But he was right. I was dog tired at the moment, although that kiss and perked me up just fine.

"Five o'clock then. We'll get an early dinner and do something okay?"

"Sounds good," he said as he walked me to my room so I could rest.

It's surprisingly tough figuring out what one should do on a date. I don't think I've ever been on a date before in my life. You know, when you're busy trying to stay alive, dinner and a movie is a faraway thought. Hmm... dinner and a movie. How cliché. Let's see ... we're technically teenagers (at least in biological years if not mental ones), what do they do? They hang out at places. Malls, parking lots. That sounds boring. An arcade? Maybe I should just ask Trowa what he'd like to do, although I suspect my answer will be a shoulder shrug.

Since I'm not the God of Death at the moment, I don a pair of well worn blue jeans and black t-shirt. Sorry it's tough getting away from the color black. Trowa surprised me by not wearing his green turtleneck. It was a nice normal looking cotton shirt. Blue.

As we were about to make our exit, Quatre came to call us in for dinner. If it had been anyone else we would have said no thanks. But given Quatre's habit of cooking enough food to feed the entire Manguac Corps, we thought it wise to stick around.

He made a simple middle eastern dish that was very tasty. I glanced over to Heero. That was interesting. We have all eaten this dish in the past, but tonight it seems like it was the first time he had ever really tasted the food given to him. I guess love will make you do that. I'm betting for him that was the best meal he had ever had in his life. Those surprised looks on his face weren't lost on Quatre either. He was beaming like he won a Betty Crocker cooking contest. I was good. I didn't laugh at them or tease them mercilessly. Although I REALLY wanted to.

With meal finished, Trowa and I made our escape, leaving the happy love birds alone.

"Where are we going?" Trowa asked.

"Ah," I said slowly. "I haven't quite figured that out yet. I'm open to suggestions."

He stared at me with a decidedly bemused face. "I'll drive."

"It's okay by me. Do you have a place in mind?"


"Lead on then," I said with a small bow.

Trowa's a funny fellow. He took us to a desert field. One we had landed our Gundams in many times.

"If you're planning a romantic night with our Gundams, I'll have to end this date now," I said, hoping that he would realize the seriousness of that statement behind the light tone in which I said it.

"You said you wanted to get away from the war for a while. We won't go visiting the Gundams. As far as I know, this field is the only one in the area not effected by the war," Trowa said as he got out of the car and headed for the trunk of the car.

"How can you say that? We land our suits here."

"Yes," Trowa said reaching into the trunk to pull out a blanket. "But no fighting has ever occurred here. In town you walk past destroyed buildings all the time. Other neighboring fields are pockmarked from bombings. This place," he said, his arm sweeping over the area like a model pointing out a washer and dryer on a game show, "is still untouched."

I looked around the area as best as I could before the darkness of the night really settled in. He was right. It was not scorched, ripped up, or torn in any way. The only evidence that we had ever been there was a dent or two in the earth, but otherwise it looked like a lovely field that should be filled with flowers.

Trowa laid out the blanket under a tree. We sat together and looked to the skies.

"It really is amazing how much prettier the sky looks from here than in outer space," I said with a sigh as I found myself settling nicely to Trowa. He allowed me to use his shoulder as a pillow and his arm around my waist felt really good.

"I agree. No amount of artificial manipulation of day and night on the colonies can quite compare."

"When I first got here, I would spend hours looking up at the moon," I said to end the silence. It was too peaceful out here.

"It is much nicer from down here," Trowa said with a nod.

"Can I ask you something?"


"Why did you join a circus? I mean, I don't think any of us thought to get a job between jobs," I asked.

"A traveling circus makes a good cover. We are always on the move. No one in the circus asks very many questions. I like the people there and the animals. It just worked out that way."

"So how's your girlfriend?" I asked. The explanation was sound, but I wondered about his relationship with Catherine. I know, I know. He has already told me he cares about me. No one said that I was the most secure guy in the world.

"Catherine is fine. She's hardly a girlfriend though," Trowa laughed. "She's just a friend."

"Who is a girl, thus girlfriend," I argued.

"As much as she harasses me about taking care of myself, I would say she was much more like a mother than a girlfriend."

"I wouldn't know, since I've never had a mother," I snorted. I don't know why I'm always determined to ruin things by being argumentative about stuff. I don't know why I feel jealous of Catherine. She's not even here right now, but knowing she's protective of Trowa doesn't make me feel good.

"Neither did I," Trowa said softly.


"I didn't have a mother either or a father for that matter. I was told I was found on the side of the road. A group of mercenaries took me in. The women in the team took turns looking after me. The men taught me to fight. They were the closest thing I had as a family until she came."

"She?" I couldn't help it. Another stab of jealousy. Who the hell was 'she?'

"I don't want to talk about it if you don't mind. It's a story that doesn't end happily for anyone," he said with a weary sigh.

"I'm sorry I brought it up," I said meaning it. Here we are sitting in a nice romantic field and all I can do is bring up topics that brings pain.

"Don't apologize. Isn't that part of the dating process? Getting to know one another?"

"Yeah, but I suspect the average human doesn't carry as much emotional pain and baggage," I said with a rueful smile. "But fair's fair. I'll trade you a little pain. I lived on the streets until a priest took me and my gang in. Everyone got placed into adoptive homes except me. I was too wild or something. But Father Maxwell and Sister Helen became my parents of sorts. Even if I couldn't agree with their views of God. The short version...rebels wanted a mobile suit to go up against the Alliance. They held the church hostage. I opted to steal them a suit if they let us go. By the time I got back, the church was on fire and everyone was dead or dying. Only Sister Helen lasted long enough to say goodbye. She still held on to her religious beliefs and tried to tell me none of it was my fault."

"None of it was your fault," Trowa said.

"If I had been a little quicker, I almost got stopped when I was stealing that suit. If I had managed to sneak in quieter..."

"The result would have probably still been the same. Don't beat yourself up over this. Bad things happen," Trowa said, pulling me closer into a tight hug.

"You're just saying that, but thanks anyway," I mumbled into his chest.

"She was a girl named Midi. I found her near our camp. She was alone like me, so I brought her to the camp. She and I were friends. There weren't very many kids my age around. She gave me a cross to wear. No one had ever given me a gift before. There had been dissension in our group. And many of us started to die. It was like the enemy knew where we were before we even knew we would be there. I betrayed my group. The cross was a transmitter."

I pulled back to look at Trowa. "You didn't know the cross was a transmitter. You didn't betray your troop."

"Yes, I did. I asked her why she did it. She did it for her family, so they could eat and get medical treatment. She claimed to like me anyway. But I know she wasn't really sorry about any of it. I should have killed her but I didn't. I wonder if the Alliance kept their promise to her. I think about that situation many times. I wonder what would happen if I hadn't accepted her gift."

"She would have found another way to get that transmitter where it needed to be," I supplied. "The result would have probably been the same." Damn, I hated when the guy was right about stuff. "I guess there's just no getting away from the war for us, is there? We're not the fluffy bunny kind of people."

Trowa laughed. "Fluffy bunny kind of people?"

"You know, folks who can talk about nothing important at all. People who see the world was sparkly and light."

"Such people exist?" Trowa asked me with a smile. I think he's decided I'm nuts. He wouldn't be that far off from the truth.

"They have to, or else the world would be filled with folks like us."

"I guess."

"How are your burns?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Healing. How was the mission?"

"A piece of cake. How was it like sitting around the house with a lovesick Heero and a grousing Wufei?"

A chuckle. "As one would expect it to be. How was being on a mission with a lovesick Quatre?"

"Almost nauseating. He couldn't go five minutes without putting Heero's name in the conversation at least once," I laughed.

"Should we go back? Or do you think we should let them have their time alone?" Trowa asked.

"What? You don't want to walk in on them having hot monkey love?" I giggled. "Nah. Let's just stay here a while. I like it here. Do you think we should go back?"

Trowa kissed my forehead. "I like it out here just fine. We could stay out here all night if you want."

"Sounds good."

We settled into a more comfortable position and slept out under the stars. It was the best date I've ever had.


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