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Logins are now allowed. You are not required to log in, but if you do, you will be at the members level. Here are the 3 levels in this version of efiction:

  1. Members are not allowed to post stories but can leave reviews and add the fics or authors they like to their favorites lists. If you are someone whose stories should be posted here, I will upgrade your membership level.
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Efiction 2.0 Features

Series will be used often for those fics that have sequels.

The Tens statistically tells you the top ten of longest, shortest fics, etc.

Challenges anyone can set a challenge of type of fic, scenario, etc. But mind you since this archive is mostly me, I highly doubt this feature will be used much here.

Efiction 3.0 Features 

Co-Authors can be added easier. No more creating bogus account names like 'me & my buddy'. If both 'me' and 'my buddy' have author accounts when one of you adds a fic, you can just select the other as a co-author. The fic will appear under both names. Both will be counted as an author.

Captcha technology added to prevent spamming of anonymous reviews.

Your profile extras you can add your livejournal or deviant art account name in your profile if you so desire. (just remember you only have to type in your username there and not the entire web address or it will make a mess as a link).

Browse will let you browse by ratings, warnings, series, characters, genres, and a many more. Feel free to check that out.


MORE HELP Definitions:

Yaoi/Shounen ai I lumped both together although one is more extreme than the other. Shounen ai is boy's love, it tends to be defined (by me) as same sex crushes, followed by kissing and admittance of feelings. Yaoi is more hard core, it's complete m/m relationship that usually entails sex. I put them together because my feeble mind couldn't remember which fics were really yaoi and which were shounen ai. I know some people prefer shounen ai to yaoi (and vice versa) ... the best I can tell you is I tend to put yaoi as NC-17 or R, and shounen ai is usually PG-13 to R.

Het Shocking, but yes, I do have fics with male/female relationships. Some have sex in them and some don't.

PWP stands for Plot? What Plot? And it's essentially lemon (i.e. sex). There's no point to the fic other than to get two (or more) characters together for fun, fun, fun.

Lemon/Lime/Citrus Lemon or any fruit additives generally means ... well sex. Or some type of hanky panky. Lemon is more descriptive than Lime, although lime and other citrusy ratings can be just a spicy.

Sap/WAFFy is essentially fluff. WAFF stands for Warm and Fuzzy Feelings. It's a feel good chicken soup for the soul kind of fic. Don't hurt me. ^___^

Squick falls under things that makes you go "Ewww." It can be a pairing (like some old geezer with a young child), it can be a situation (lots of blood or gore). I don't write squick often and my squick tends to fall under blood and gore.

Humor should be obvious. However we all know Humor is subjective. Things I've written that I think of as humorous, others have seen as angst. Just remember I have a slightly warped, dark sense of humor.


I'm using the standards set by Fiction Ratings.Com. They are comparable to the movie rating system of (MPAA... Motion Picture Association).

And this has been your happy help tour. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed typing it!

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