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by babaca on 01/01/2006 08:26 PM  

May 2006 be a year where I get back to writing more fics and less tweaking of websites, eh?

Little FYIng

by babaca on 11/28/2005 06:02 AM  

The site has been upgraded to version 2.0.1 of efiction. Not that you could tell the difference. But this is a more secure script with security holes all plugged.

Finally wrote a ficlet, called Reasons. You should see it in the Most Recent box and if you click on the Featured stories link.

Things You Should Know

by babaca on 11/10/2005 05:53 PM  

  • Did you know you can use RSS/XML readers to keep up? This feature wasn't working initially but it does now. If you have firefox (1.0.x) clicking on the ADD LIVE Bookmarks thing at the bottom of the browser and choosing subscribe will add this to your RSS reader. If you have Firefox 1.5, then the blue RSS symbol in the address header will allow you to subscribe to the feed. It will show the last things done in the past 30 days
  • Speaking of tweaks... although I've upgraded the eFiction to the 2.0 version there still may be a bug or two... if you notice something weird, please click on the contact us link and I'll go the forums and see if there are any patches or if someone can help me resolve the problem.

Geekazoid to the Rescue

by babaca on 11/03/2005 10:12 PM  

Okay, so I had to manually go in and fix the database so the proper stories were linked to the correct chapters and such, but now the database should be behaving... So you can now see the stories when you click on them without having to resort to clicking the printer icon. (Yay for redundancy and having backups of the database nearby so I could fix the missing fics that got accidentally deleted when I was trying to fix this through the scripts yesterday.

And the Writing skin is back, not as blue as it was before, but just as nice. Enjoy.

Still Some Bugs

by babaca on 11/03/2005 07:09 AM  

Okay... it appears that some links shows no stories at all. They are there though. As an alternate until it's working on it's own, you might try clicking on the printer icon and it may show you the story (or not)... hopefully a fix will appear soon. I fixed it... see above message.

Welcome to efiction v.2.0

by babaca on 11/03/2005 05:08 AM  

I've been beta testing this for a while and eFiction has put out a new version with extra features. Feel free to play or change layouts or even... register! You heard me, feel free to register. You will be a member unless you need to be upgraded to author, that would be done by me. Play with the new features, while I tweak.

If you are already an author here but don't have a password, just click on lost password and it will send you a temp on so you can change it.

Changing the Fic Ratings...

by babaca on 08/24/2005 04:08 AM  

Yep, I've adopted the Fiction Rating system found at Fiction Ratings Guide. Please click on that link to understand what the new ratings are.

And of course the transition was as smooth as gravel. So you may find a weird rating of PK or PK-13 rather than K+ and T. I've gone through and changed those, but if I missed one and a weird blank popup window appears, just click okay and you'll still see the story. But if you send me an e-mail and tell me which story gave you the problem, I'll go in and fix it. But you may first want to try and clear the cache on your browser then see if you still see the weird codes or popups.

Edit 2. Since I only had one Utena and one Saint Beast fic, I decided to move them over to Miscellaneous. And the series they are from are written in boldface in the summaries.

Happy Birthday Sasuke!

by babaca on 07/23/2005 09:15 PM  

Today is the birthday of Naruto character Sasuke Uchiha. So in celebration of the angst boy, I wrote a little angsty piece about him. Enjoy?

New Ficlet

by babaca on 04/24/2005 01:42 AM  

New Naruto ficlet, embracing my love of KakaIru... but it's suppose to be about innocence. ^___^ It's called Flush.

Beware of Ficlets...

by babaca on 03/21/2005 07:19 AM  

I seem to be full of them of late! Expect to see more Naruto ficlets since I've joined the Naruto 500 group on Livejournal. The latest one is called Teach Me

And I recently added a bizarre, funny, or poignant you decide Gundam Wing ficlet, called Abandoned.

New Fic + One More...

by babaca on 02/10/2005 11:55 PM  

Shadow Rhythms is a new Naruto smut fic that I wrote for Yoiko who wanted smut to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year of the Cock (Rooster). It has nothing to do with New Years although I used the word 'cock' quite a bit. Enjoy!

Feb 13 edit: Added Usotsuki today. It's a GW darkish lemon about the strangeness of Quatre and Duo. I suspect many won't like it much. But it's what wanted to be written.

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