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PHEW! Not all lost...

by babaca on 06/28/2014 08:04 PM  

I moved my website to a different dns. Same company but on a different location running laver versions of php and mysql. The move was scary (I thought I had backed everything up only to find it corrupted. I had to beg the webhost to let me download my site again before it was gone forever).


Reinstalling efiction was a bit of a pain. (Having to get the script to run on a later php was no fun). I broke things a few times, but now it looks like it's all back and working..


Okay there hasn't been a new story put here since 2009, but I will try and start writing again. I kind of have the bug again.  Welcome back to my unbroken site. :)


Comments are still off because they get hacked too often.

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