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Site News

PHEW! Not all lost...

by babaca on 06/28/2014 08:04 PM  

I moved my website to a different dns. Same company but on a different location running laver versions of php and mysql. The move was scary (I thought I had backed everything up only to find it corrupted. I had to beg the webhost to let me download my site again before it was gone forever).



No new stories... just new layouts

by babaca on 06/03/2014 08:47 PM  

I haven't written a fic in a while. Sorry about that. I want to start again.. but starting is tough.


So in the meantime enjoy this new skin called Stardust. It's a responsive layout, thus; if you are on a phone or tablet it adjusts to it without you having to go to my google cheat...

Hey, what's 5 months eh?

by babaca on 07/17/2009 12:41 AM  

Five months and a new ficlet. It's pure fluff and sap and for many probably an oddball pairing. Wedding Day Blues is a Bleach fic. No bl in it but it's cute (or at least I hope so).

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